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07.01.2020 08:20

Dubay Eye

«Today a lot of businessmen starting to understand that products should be protected as an intellectual property works first, and after this protection, the business owner can give these products to any company for commercial using, based on license agreements. Be the owner of the products, not a company, this is a new business strategy”.

Hello, friends!

As you know we were on the radio and had a business conversation about IP protecting.

Dr. Sandjar Muminov - international IP-Expert, answered interesting questions and here are some main moments from the radio-program.


First, yes, it's really that if you don’t have any IP-documents you can not fully protect your products and IP objects from illegal copying and using them without agreement.

It's not just about the Idea. If you have a product, technology, website, mobile application or any other intellectual work – all of them must be protected, and your real ownership starts just from the moment of registering them officially as an IP-item.

Second, its important moment to chose the right way for registering your IP: copyright or trademark, because just chosen correctly strategy of protection can give you expected outcome.

So, and the last, but the same very interesting question was about own-named companies, for example, “Richards”? This topic in our days is a very crucial point. You have to remember, that if you are using for branding and promotion the name registered in trade license - your IP rights will be working just in the freezone or administration, where you’d registered your company.

Did you meet with any same problems? If your answer – yes, get a free consultation Dubai Copyright Office.

We would like to thank the Dubai Eye and the command of Business breakfast for inviting us to your program.

The full interview with Dr. Sandjar Muminov is here

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