Global intellectual property value reached $57.3 trillion, but 75% of the world’s intangible assets are still missing from balance sheets
Technology companies dominate the top 10, but the picture is different when only disclosed intangible value is considered – prompting a call for a new approach to financial reporting.
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6 Financial BENEFITS of capitalized Intellectual Property Assets

In the last 20 years became definitely clear that success of the business depends on such intangible assets (IA) as companies' brand recognition, high competence of workers, actual clients' database and close relations with decision-making persons, high-rated website, non-availability for competitors of technologies and knowledge, internal corporate standards and HR-management system, attractive package design, effective marketing and advertising strategies.

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Meet the world's strongest vocal teacher

Experts from Aston Alliance provided the successful registration of the Work of science of Maria Struve in INTEROCO Copyright Office (Germany) with worldwide recognition of copyright. And this fact was published in the Khaleej Times - most popular newspaper in the Gulf region.

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